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    Dinobullterriers is located in New Mexico & we currently breed standard sized AKC English Bull Terriers. Our kennle is not affiliated with any third party breeders & all  our services are operated outright. Our mission is to provide quality and fair service to all customers.


    Breeding English Bull Terriers is demanding, requires tremendous efforts, & sleepless nights! All our puppies are housed indoors free from parasites & harsh tempertures! We are licensed by the Animal Welfare Department & kennel expected by the American Kennel Club.This is not

    something we do for fun & all our efforts in

    our breeding program are taken very seriously.


    None of our breeding dogs are co-owned by any other bull terrier breeders we own all our dogs outright! With that being said, all customers dont have to worry about dealing with third party brokers or middle men of any kind. We are "INDEPENDENT" & proud of it.


    To learn more about our services click the "purchaing services" section below.

  • Purchasing Services

    LOCAL PICKUP : This option is strongly recommended to customers that have the opportunity to utilize it if you cannot pickup your puppy read the below airline information.


    AIRLINE SHIPPING: Is $400 & incudes crate, health certification singed by a licensed veterinarian, & shipping assessories. We also do not ship out of the country or to any

    place within the USA that requires a mandatory quarantine hold.



    will be included in the total price & are NON REFUNDABLE.


    AKC REGISTRATION: AKC paperwork is never sold with restrictions unless told otherwise.


    CO-OWNERSHIP CONTRACTS: We dont do them what we sell you is 100% yours. These type of contracts are utilized by breeders to control all aspects of the AKC paperwork & to insure future royalties off of every puppy sold.


    PUPPY PAYOFF REQUIREMENTS: All puppies must be paid off at pickup & or before a dog is shipped.


    PUPPY PRICING : Please understand this is rare breed and is priced accordingly all future customers are required to contact me for the price.


    STUD SERVICES: Dinobullterriers does not offer stud services due to personal preference & liability reasons.


    WAITING LIST: We do not do waiting lists all our puppies are sold on a 1st come 1st serve basis this is because I do not wish to take money from people until I have an actual litter available.



    Dinobullterriers invites anyone seeking a second opinion on our services to call AKC directly (919-233-9767) they will be happy to give you a good stadning recommendation.We also have a "customer reviews" section & a BBB profile to reference for futher validation.


    NONEXCEPTED PAYMENT METHODS: Checks, cashier checks, & money orders.


    WEEKLY PICTURES: Are submitted for all waiting customers with a holding deposit or paidoff until puppies are ready to go to their new homes.


    AKC REPLACEMENT PAPERWORK: For lost or misplaced puppy registertration forms all customers are required to contact dinobullterriers for a duplicate copy. It is crucial that all customers not put any paperwork in the mail and register your puppy online at  (akc.org) as soon as possible to prevent these type of mistakes from happening. Furthermore, fees do apply for using this service.