• About The Bull Terrier:

    The Bull terrier is a strong, athletic and energetic dog that is capable of doing a multitude of tasks including watch dogging and protecting as well as agility and obedience events. They are also ideal family dogs with clownish personalities and a loving temperament.

  • The Bull terrier has a

    very distinctive...

    The Bull terrier has a very distinctive head and is

    rarely mistaken for any other breed by those that

    are familiar with their characteristics. The head is

    almost totally oval in profile from the skull through

    to the tip of the nose. The shape of the face should

    be full without any hollow areas or concavity to the profile. The eyes are very small and almond shaped, centered towards the middle of the head for a

    distinct appearance. In some literature the eyes are described as triangular in shape, and in some Bull terriers this is a very accurate description. The eyes should be located closer to the ears than to the

    nose, adding to the appearance of length on the

    face below the eyes. The ears are very pointed and

    rather thin, placed close together on the top of the

    skull. They should be relaxed most of the time but

    can be held absolutely erect with the dog is

    attending to something.

  • The neck is thick and...

    The neck is thick and slightly arching and longer

    than that of most mastiff or bulldog types. The shoulders are heavy set and well developed with

    a very deep and wide chest. The front legs are

    stocky and short, well set to the outside of the

    deep chest. The brisket or bottom of the chest

    should be significantly deeper than the abdomen

    area. The back is short and strong looking with muscular loins and a well developed rib cage.

    Although the appearance is solid the body should

    not look overly heavy or disproportionate to the

    rest of the dog.

  • The legs....

    The legs of the Bull terrier should be strong with

    good bones and excellent conformation. They

    should neither turn out or in at the knees or hocks

    or at the feet. The feet are round and arched,

    similar to that of a cat. The dog should be light on

    his or her feet, and should not shuffle or drag the

    feet in any gait, although they do often appear to

    almost roll from side to side when in movement.

     The movement should appear smooth and fluid

    with a good length to the strides and a typical

    "I am in control" attitude present in the movement.

  • The tail....

    The tail of the Bull terrier is moderately long and set low on the hindquarters. It is usually carried horizontal with the ground and is tapered from the thick base to the tip at the end. The skin of the Bull terrier should be tight against the body without noticeable wrinkles or folds anywhere on the body.